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What is Mechanical Finishing

& Mechanical Polishing?

They are two names for the same process of improving a metallic surface. This is achieved using pressurized contact or through friction with abrasive material or compounds. It is sometimes referred to as grinding, buffing, or just polishing. Although these are really more of steps in the overall process.

Mechanical Finishing is often necessary for a wide variety of applications. Such as:

  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Food & Beverage Applications
  • Weld Seams
  • Orange Peel
  • Machine Tool Inclusion
  • Deep Pitting

Mechanical Finishing is used for anything from grinding down rough edges and burrs, to leaving a gleaming mirror like shine on the surface of the metal. Through our unique processes, we can achieve specific levels of finish designations. 

Mechanical Finishing Designations   

  • Polished Finished No.3 – An intermediate polish generally used where a semi-polished surface is required for subsequent finishing operations following fabrication. It is also used as a final finish with a 50- or 80- grit abrasive compound.

  • Polished Finish No.4 – A general purpose, bright polished finish obtained with a 100-180 mesh abrasive which follows initial grinding with coarser abrasives.

  • Buffed Finish No.6 – A soft, satin finish having a lower reflectivity than the No.4 finish. It is produced with a greaseless compound; #200 grit top dressed with white rouge or chromium green rouge.

  • Buffed Finish No.7 – A highly reflective finished produced by buffing a surface that has been previously refined to a No.6 finish (approximately). The surface is then buffed lightly with a white rouge and does not remove the satin finish lines.

  • Buffed Finish No.8 – The most reflective finish that we commonly produce, the No.8 finish is obtained by flexible polishing with successively finer abrasive compounds. The surface is then buffed extensively with a very fine chromium green rouge bar compound.


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